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March 18, 2020

Friends, like you, we're keeping an eye on COVID-19 developments in our community and across the state. In light of CDC recommendations, Wallowa Land Trust staff will be taking extra cautionary measures and closing our office to the public. We can all still be reached via phone and email. 

COVID-19 has the potential to profoundly impact Wallowa County. As a small, remote rural community, we rely on our friends and neighbors to help us through times of need. You may not be experiencing any major disruption or monetary impact yet, but many in our community are. We can take action to help those most vulnerable who already are feeling the effects of this pandemic. Community Connections of Northeast Oregon is on the front lines, continuing to provide services to our seniors, the elderly and disabled and those most at risk of the impacts of the coronavirus here in Wallowa County. THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT.

Please consider supporting Community Connections as they work over time to get food, medication and services to the folks that need it most here in Wallowa County. According to Connie Guentert, the county manger for Community Connections:

"People can support our programs with financial donations, either in our office, via mail, or through our website ( Donors can designate what program they would like to support. Food donations for the Food Bank can be brought to the office, and we can accept financial donations. When we receive financial food bank donations, we can use those funds to purchase food from Oregon Food Bank for pennies on the dollar."

Wallowa County has a history of coming together when times are tough. We can do this!

And of course, our most sincere gratitude to all the health care workers and essential service employees showing up every day to take care of us and our loved ones. THANK YOU!

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ENTERPRISE — Wallowa County celebrated a historic event in January — the acquisition of the 1,791-acre East Moraine Community Forest. Now that the land is in public ownership, it’s time for members of the public to weigh in on how to manage it.

Kathleen Ackley, Wallowa Land Trust's Executive Director, and John Hillock, Campaign Chair and County Commissioner, discussed the Campaign for the East Moraine. During the interview, they discuss how long this Campaign has been in the works, what organization and agencies are involved, provide updates on the in-the-works management plan, and a fundraising update. 11/21/19.

OPB's Think Out Loud discusses the Campaign for the East Moraine. Listen here.


482 Acres of Wallowa Lake’s East Moraine Conserved

Joseph, OR – Wallowa Lake’s iconic East Moraine is well on its way to being conserved in its entirety. Another 482 acres was recently added to the growing list of properties under permanent protection. Working with Wallowa Land Trust, landowners Lou and Deyette Perry voluntarily established a conservation easement on their working farm that extinguishes development of one homesite, maintains working lands, and conserves habitat forever.