ENTERPRISE — Wallowa County celebrated a historic event in January — the acquisition of the 1,791-acre East Moraine Community Forest. Now that the land is in public ownership, it’s time for members of the public to weigh in on how to manage it.


As management plans for forestry, grazing, cultural resources, habitat and recreation are being developed in accordance with requirements from the federal, state and private funders who helped purchase the property, the county would like those who use the moraine to help shape its stewardship.

There are a variety of reasons why people value the East Moraine and Wallowa Lake as a community treasure — it lies at the heart of Wallowa County’s rural identity, which is a diverse identity, and publicly managing it will have a diversity of challenges, opportunities, and responsibilities. In order to raise the approximately $6.5 million to purchase and protect the property, the Wallowa Lake Moraines Partnership has committed to uses and activities that will continue as part of the vision of conserving the East Moraine.

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